The 101 on growing your Casio business with Social Media

By April 24, 2017Uncategorized

From the desk of Mike Martin, GM of Marketing, Casio America,Inc.

Social media can be an invaluable tool that you can use to help grow your business. Your Facebook business page, Instagram account, Twitter and other services can be a great way for you to communicate to your customers what is happening at your business.

Casio’s social media channels including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr are constantly generating fresh content for you to share. We’d like to help you grow your social media audience, but there are some things to consider for the best results.

  • Don’t download content and repost it. If the same content exists online in multiple places, it is less likely to be seen by customers.
    • For Facebook, use the SHARE button choose “Share to page” to add the item to your business page. The more a post gets shared, the more “viral” it will appear to Facebook’s algorithms.
    • Youtube videos. Yes we are providing a lot of our video content on our Casio Music Portal for you to download but this so you can play the videos on displays in your store. If you download our videos and post them to your page, Google will penalize both of us and our customers are less likely to see the content. Add our videos to your Youtube channel using the tools that Youtube provides for sharing.
  • Follow us and we’ll follow back.  If you “Like” the Casio Music Gear page on Facebook, then you’re liking it personally. If you manage your business Facebook account, you’ll also need “Like As Your Page”. You’ll find this option in the drop down menu on Facebook. We’ll return the Like.
  • Tag us and we’ll share your posts. If you create a post featuring a Casio product tag us on Social Media.  Type @CasioMusicGear in your Facebook post and it we’ll get a notification and we’ll share your post. This may require that you first “Like As Your Page” as mentioned above.
  • Instagram & #Hashtag first, then share to Facebook. Instagram accounts are especially good for for finding new customers plus you can now share pictures and videos.  You can sync your Instagram account with your Facebook business page so when you post to Instagram it automatically posts to Facebook. The trick with Instagram is the use of Hashtags. Use the “#” and some key words that describe your photo or your business. Don’t use more than 30 Has tags per post. Try some things like #musicstore #piano #music #music4life #instamusic #keyboards #casio #classicalmusic #jazz #musiclessons #digitalpiano #stagepiano #synthesizer

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