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Casio Product Categories

Stage Pianos

Casio’s stage pianos deliver incredibly authentic piano sound and feel, plus a wide variety of essential features for every type of player. They all share a few common traits: they sound phenomenal, feel authentic, weigh next to nothing, and go far beyond your expectations.

Hybrid Pianos Category

Hybrid Pianos

Casio begins a new chapter in the rich history of piano with the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid. Casio brings the piano experience to the next level by applying its technological expertise, and to create an instrument that would thrill the most demanding and traditional pianist.

Console Piano Category

Console Pianos

Privia and Celviano pianos combine Casio’s award-winning piano sound and feel with elegant wooden cabinetry, providing an incredibly authentic piano experience that complements any space.

Portable Keyboards

Remember your first one? We bet it still works. Casio’s newest portable keyboards will amaze you with their expressive sounds and features, all while providing the same portability, reliability, and value that you’ve come to expect from Casio.

Arranger Category

Arranger Keyboards

When you’re playing solo, but need to sound like an entire band, it’s time to step up to a Casio Music Arranger. With expressive sounds, powerful and dynamic Rhythms, and a huge collection of performance and production tools, Casio Music Arrangers bring your music to life.

Accessories Category


Stands, benches and more, complete your Casio experience with genuine accessories.

Synthesizer Category


Drawing on a rich synthesizer ancestry, Casio’s professional synthesizers deliver pounding bass, screaming leads, evolving pads, and anything else you can imagine. Loaded with responsive controls and intuitive production tools, Casio synthesizers will launch your performance and sound design to new heights.


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