The Celviano family of pianos is synonymous with piano authenticity. iteen a traditional grand piano is impractical, players around the world delight in the natural sound and touch of Celviano instruments. The AP-270 delivers the quality and refinement you’ve come to expect from Celviano, in a compact-yet-elegant cabinet that compliments any space.

A Pure Piano Experience
The AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) Sound Source delivers incredible detail and realism. Advanced damper simulation recreates subtle nuances of a grand piano’s soundboard, allowing you to hear the entire body of the instrument, not just the strings.

Incredible new Piano Tone
The AP-270 includes a beautiful new New York grand piano Tone, with a wide dynamic range that is ideal for a wide variety of genres. Our award-winning German grand piano has also been improved, with a longer and more natural decay.
Tri-Sensor II Scaled Hammer-Action Keys
The AP-270’s accurately-weighted keys convey every nuance of your performance with authenticity and expression. With subtly simulated ivory and ebony textures completing the experience, the Tri-Sensor II keys offer a truly remarkable connection between you and your music.
Concert Play
Concert Play consists of 10 recordings of orchestral performances, which sound phenomenal either through headphones or the built-in stereo amplification system. They can be slowed down without affecting their pitch. You can choose to listen to the piano part, or play it yourself. Enjoy the feeling of accompanying a symphony orchestra, right in your living room.

Model/Name: AP-270BK (black) / AP-270BN (walnut) / AP-270WE (white)

UPC: 079767362331 (black) / 079767362348 (walnut) / 079767362355 (white)

MSRP: $1,499.99

MAP: $1,099.99

Vendor Part #: AP-270BK (black) / AP-270BN (walnut) / AP-270WE (white)

Vendor Category: Digital Console Piano

Color: Black / Walnut / White

Country of Origin: China

Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Key Action Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard Ⅱ
Key Surface Finish Simulated ebony and ivory keys
Touch Sensitivity 3 sensitivity levels, off
Tones Polyphony (maximum)
Number of Built-in Tones 22
Sound Source Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
Layer Yes
Split Yes
Simulator Hammer Response Yes
Damper Resonance Yes
Damper Noise Yes (On / Off)
Digital Effects Types Hall Simulator / Reverb / 4 (Reverb)
Chorus 4
Brilliance Yes (-3 ~ 0 ~ 3)
DSP Yes (Preset for some tones)
Songs Concert Play 10 songs
Controller Start / Stop
Mode Listen / Lesson / Play
Music Library 60 Songs
Song Expansion (User Songs) 10 songs (max.) Approximately 90 KB / song
Concert Play Yes (10 Songs)
Controller Start, Stop
Mode Listen, Lesson, Play
Additional Features Connection to App Yes
Lesson Function Part On / Off
Lesson Part Select Right hand, Left hand
MIDI Recorder 2 Tracks, 1 Song
Approximate Data Capacity Approximately 5,000 notes total
Duet Mode Yes
Octave Shift ±2 octaves
Metronome 0 to 9 beats; tempo range : 20 to 255
Pedals 3 built-in pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
Half-Damper Pedal Operation Yes
Key Transpose 2 octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)
Tuning Control A4 = 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz
Scale Function Number of Preset Temperaments 17
Operation Lock Yes
Other Features GRAND PIANO 1 button , GRAND PIANO 2 button, Slide type keyboard cover, Auto Power Off:  After approximately 4 idle hours (default setting)
Connectivity and Storage Phones / Output 2 (Stereo standard) / Output
Connector for 3-Pedal Unit Yes
USB to Host Yes
Sound System Speakers: Size: 4.7″ x 2
Speaker System 2 Speakers
Amplifier 16W
Dimensions 55.8″ x 17.0″ x 32.3″
Weight 80.7 lbs.
Included Accessories AC Adaptor, Music Stand, Piano Bench, Manual