CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 Comparison

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Don’t have 3 minutes to watch the video? Here are the 9 differences in a nutshell:
  1. Speaker System: The most noticeable difference between CT-X3000 is 12W and the CT-X5000 is an amazing 30W!!
  2. Battery Power: They both come with power supplies but the CT-X5000 is the only model in the CT-X lineup that can’t run on batteries due to the higher amplification.
  3. User Rhythms: The CT-X3000 has 50 User Rhythms, while the CT-X5000 has 100 User Rhythms.
  4. Direct Access Category Buttons: The CT-X5000 provides quicker access to tones and rhythms with 16 buttons for direct access to categories.
  5. Connectivity: The CT-X5000 adds 1/4″ Left/Right Line Outputs and a Mic Input with access to the system effects.
  6. Assignable Modulation Button: The CT-X5000 also has an assignable button for tone vibrato or real-time effects control like rotary speaker.
  7. Backlit Registration Buttons: For easier viewing on stage the 8 Registration buttons are backlit on the CT-X5000.
  8. System Effects: The CT-X5000 offers more Reverb, Chorus and Delay choices.
  9. System EQ: They both have EQ presets but the CT-X5000 adds a programmable System EQ.

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